Bring out the inner child in you both – swim, jump and dive into an adult ball pit.

Google ‘adult ball pit’ + to see if there’s one in your area.

If not, you could call a party hire company to see if they can supply one (make sure you ask them if they are OK with adults using the pit) or make your own.

To create a ball pit, you’ll need one large enough and deep enough for 2 adults.

An inflatable kiddie pool or even a simple container made from 4 star stakes and chicken wire will do (put a tennis ball or something over the top of each stake to prevent injuries).

If you have a small room in the house that is under utilized then you could even turn that into a ball pit.

Note: If you have kids then maybe do this activity when they aren’t around – otherwise you’ll never get them out so you can use it.


  • Buy an Inflatable pool on eBay
  • Buy balls for a pit on eBay