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Survey finds that men want romance just as much as women

Despite popular opinion that it’s women who want romance, a survey of nearly 300 people found that men want romance in their lives, equally as much as women. In the survey romance was defined as “making your partner feel special through words and actions”. Results...

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Romantic dinner ideas that you’ll want to try

Instead of making yet another booking at a restaurant for date night, why not get a little more creative and show your partner that you really value couple time together. Here are some romantic dinner ideas for taking date night to the next level. Dinner in a DIY...

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Why date nights are important

A study by the National Marriage project, a research project at the University of Virginia in the USA, found that date nights might play an important role in strengthening the quality and stability of relationships and marriages. The researchers found that couples who...

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Why go bungee jumping on date night?

One of the world's top researchers on romantic love, Arthur Aron at UC Berkeley, recommends regularly doing things with your partner that are novel and challenging. So instead of simply booking a dinner out, re-invent date night and research new and interesting things...

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Random acts of romance

Want to be more romantic? Being romantic means making your partner feel special and that they are the most important thing in your life. If you are starting from a low base (i.e. it's pretty much just dinner out on birthdays, the anniversary and maybe Valentine's...

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10 cheap romantic date ideas

Hands up who loves Date Night? Now, keep it up if you love cheap romantic date ideas for date night (even better if they are free). Go on – no-one is looking and judging you! Yah!! We all love free date nights. Free date nights make a sweet night with your partner...

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