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Want more romance? Here’s how to get it

Having a good romantic relationship can protect your health and extend your life. But keeping the spark alive in your relationship is easier said than done. Most of us have experienced the thrill of new love, what scientists call the ‘Limerance’ phase. It seems like...

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How to rekindle romance in surprisingly simple ways

During drinks with my girlfriends recently, several were lamenting the lack of romance in their marriages – well, except for Claire, who is having a jolly old time getting hot and heavy in the dating scene after her divorce. Not surprisingly, kids, careers and life in...

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Focus on the positives to boost romance

As I discussed in a couple of  previous posts: Forgetting the GoodTtimes - How to to Savour Them Longer and 1 Simple Tip for Lasting Love,  focusing on the positives in your relationship can have a profound impact on your level of relationship satisfaction. Building a...

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Love, Sex and Science

This documentary investigates the use of science to predict who you will love. We've been trying to understand what love is for centuries. We've also been trying to understand why we love who we love. This documentary follows Emily Soukas in New York as she looks for...

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Choosing a novel and challenging date activity

I stumbled on this infographic in an airline magazine (Jetstar's September edition here's a larger version of the graphic). I will admit I was a captive audience as I was pressed up against the window by my fellow traveller who was taking up more than their fair share...

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Forgetting the good times – how to savour them longer

Quick - you've got 30 seconds to recall a romance experience you shared with your partner.... Could you do it? If you couldn't you are not alone. A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that although people expect to enjoy...

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Share a laugh, build the love

Ask most women what's on their list of required attributes for a mate and they'll include "He/she makes me laugh" - often near the top. Researchers at the University of North Carolina recently explored the impact of  laughter on relationships. Turns out, shared...

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