Keep the fun and romance in your relationship

Science, tips & ideas to make it effective and easy

How to give romantic compliments

The art and science of giving compliments is something that will sustain your relationship over the years. Here are 4 specifics to consider next time you give a compliment. Make it count!   Want more? Get more science-based advice and tons of awesome romantic... read more

5 ways to say ‘thank you’ in your relationship

Scientists say that expressing gratitude can have a big positive impact on your life. In the same way, expressing gratitude to your romantic partner can have a positive impact on the quality of your relationship and how you feel about it. Relationship researcher, Dr... read more

10 romantic uses for your slow cooker

Who knew that the magical machine that is a slow cooker can also be used to support your romantic activities? Here are 10 ideas you can try at home. Tip: For some of the non-food ideas you should use a slow cooker liner so that you don’t contaminate your slow... read more

Romantic mindfulness

Appreciate the tiny things to bring happiness The ‘Tiny Slices of Joy’ approach to mindfulness, described by Google engineer and Happiness Guru Chade-Meng Tan, can easily be applied to your relationship to increase everyday enjoyment. Chade-Meng Tan, aka ‘’Jolly Good... read more

Romantic tips for every life stage

Romantic tips, appropriate for your stage of life and the age of your children There are 8 different ways to be romantic and the focus you put on each area will depend on your stage of life, particularly once children are involved. Here’s a graphical guide to... read more

Romantic gifts that science says will bring happiness

Buying the perfect romantic gift for your loved one can often result in a visit to decision hell. Should you get that piece of jewellery your partner admired recently or will this start an argument about overspending because the budget is tight? How about equipment... read more

Couples resorts in romantic destinations

Couples resorts in romantic destinations are a feature of the 2016 World Travel Awards, which were announced recently. The winners are couples resorts from around the world – from Africa to Europe to Central America and more. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip... read more

2 top tips for a healthy relationship

There’s a ton of information and advice out there on how to keep the romance alive in your relationship. What should you try and what should you avoid? Let’s turn to science to see what works. Here are my 2 top, science-based tips that are easy to achieve... read more

1 simple tip for long lasting love

Want long lasting love? Here’s how – in less than 10 seconds a day A recent scientific study of ways that you can regulate your feelings of love found that you can boost feelings for your long term partner by thinking about the positive aspects of your... read more

Romantic ideas for her to suit any occasion

Being romantic means making your partner feel special and that they are the most important thing in your life. Here are every day, special day and wildly romantic ideas for her that will convey how important they are to you. Everyday romance These are the little... read more

What is romance?

If you ask people “what is romance?’ you get varied responses. Some titter nervously and say that romance equates to sex. Others cite romantic movies they’ve seen or actions such as giving flowers or chocolates. Is it any wonder that relationships flounder... read more

Survey finds that men want romance just as much as women

Despite popular opinion that it’s women who want romance, a survey of nearly 300 people found that men want romance in their lives, equally as much as women. In the survey romance was defined as “making your partner feel special through words and actions”. Results... read more

Romantic dinner ideas that you’ll want to try

Instead of making yet another booking at a restaurant for date night, why not get a little more creative and show your partner that you really value couple time together. Here are some romantic dinner ideas for taking date night to the next level. Dinner in a DIY... read more

Why date nights are important

A study by the National Marriage project, a research project at the University of Virginia in the USA, found that date nights might play an important role in strengthening the quality and stability of relationships and marriages. The researchers found that couples who... read more

Why go bungee jumping on date night?

One of the world’s top researchers on romantic love, Arthur Aron at UC Berkeley, recommends regularly doing things with your partner that are novel and challenging. So instead of simply booking a dinner out, re-invent date night and research new and interesting... read more

Random acts of romance

Want to be more romantic? Being romantic means making your partner feel special and that they are the most important thing in your life. If you are starting from a low base (i.e. it’s pretty much just dinner out on birthdays, the anniversary and maybe... read more

10 cheap romantic date ideas

Hands up who loves Date Night? Now, keep it up if you love cheap romantic date ideas for date night (even better if they are free). Go on – no-one is looking and judging you! Yah!! We all love free date nights. Free date nights make a sweet night with your partner... read more

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