A study by the National Marriage project, a research project at the University of Virginia in the USA, found that date nights might play an important role in strengthening the quality and stability of relationships and marriages.

The researchers found that couples who devote time specifically to one another at least once a week are markedly more likely to enjoy high-quality relationships and lower divorce rates, compared to couples who do not devote much couple time to one another.

The study suggested that there are 5 ways that date might may help build stronger marriages and relationships:

1. Communication.

One of the crucial ingredients to a successful relationship is an open channel of communication. By removing distractions such as children and employment responsibilities, you have the opportunity to discuss things that are important to you both —from your shared dreams for the future to the state of your family finances.

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2. Novelty.

After you’ve been together for a few years it’s likely that the initial excitement at the start of the relationship has been replaced with the routine of daily life together. One of the ways to get some excitement back into the relationship is by doing activities together that are fun, active and novel.

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3. Passion.

The passion of a new relationship also fades with time. Date nights allow couples to focus on their relationship, to share feelings, to engage in romantic activities with one another, and to try new things. Date nights may rekindle passion in a relationship and lead to higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

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4. Commitment.

Date nights may solidify the commitment each of you have to the relationship by fostering a sense of togetherness, by allowing you to signal to one another—as well as friends and family—that you take your relationship seriously, and by giving you opportunities to spend time with one another, to communicate, and to enjoy fun activities together.

5. De-stress.

Date nights can help relieve stress in a relationship. Taking the time to enjoy yourselves together, away from the concerns of everyday life will reduce one of the biggest threats to your relationship – stress due to work, finances, parenthood, or illness. Doing fun things together can offset the damage done to a relationship when one or both of you become irritable, withdrawn, or otherwise difficult to live with due to stress.

Access the full report issued by the National Marriage Project

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