I stumbled on this infographic in an airline magazine (Jetstar’s September edition here’s a larger version of the graphic). I will admit I was a captive audience as I was pressed up against the window by my fellow traveller who was taking up more than their fair share of the seat. Anyway… as I had lots of time to concentrate on the article it struck me that this infographic is a handy tool for deciding on an activity for a date with your beloved. Remember how science says that you should do things that are novel and challenging on date night (whether it’s at night or not!)?

Selecting an date activity is not that easy – particularly when you have to consider the interests (and fears) of two people. Whilst the infographic certainly doesn’t cover all of the activities in our database of ideas , it provides some good prompts for the things to think about:

  • Does your partner need to be in control?
  • Do they hate heights or water activities?
  • What about group activities
  • Do they love or hate snow.. or sand?

Obviously, the adventures Jetstar have selected are designed for holidays or weekends, when you have plenty of time (not a quick midweek date night when you have a babysitter for 2 hrs!).

I hope you get some use out of it – I thought it was a great idea.

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