You’ve probably experienced awe with your partner – sharing an experience together that had both of you saying ‘Wow!”.

It could be a natural phenomenon such as the Northern Lights

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or the appearance of a whale near your kayak, or the birth of your child.

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Now researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have published a study that found that awe brings people together. Awe helps you to stop focusing so much on yourself and encourages you to look more to what’s around you—toward other people and the world at large. By doing that, people will naturally seek more social engagement. This could be with your romantic partner, particularly if the awe-inspiring experience was shared together.

The other advantage for your relationship are the shared memories these awesome experiences create. They will be the memories you recount together many years later, further extending the benefits of the experience. You can bet that in 20 years time you won’t remember the trips to the shopping mall together but you will remember that time you went for a hike in the mountains and watched a majestic storm sweep across a valley.

One of world’s top researchers on romantic love, Arthur Aron at UC Berkeley, recommends doing things with your partner that are novel and challenging. So try to include some awe in the things you do with your partner.  We’ve got many ideas in our romantic ideas online tool (select the ‘Wow me” option). These includes awesome experiences such as splashing in a bio-luminescent sea, whale watching or hot air ballooning.

What’s been your best awe-inspiring experience?

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