Hands up who loves Date Night? Now, keep it up if you love cheap romantic date ideas for date night (even better if they are free). Go on – no-one is looking and judging you! Yah!! We all love free date nights.
Free date nights make a sweet night with your partner even sweeter and, being free, you can have more of them (that’s if you can get a babysitter who’s not on the child sex offender list or your kids are old enough to be left at home alone or young enough to not be born yet  or not planned). So, you can take down that eBay listing for your left kidney and try some of these 10 cheap romantic ideas for your next Date Night.

1. Create a rooftop bar at home

No rooftop bars nearby or no money? Create your own roof top bar at home – take chairs into the kid’s treehouse or put them on the garage or house roof. Do check that it’s safe first! Make up a jug of a cocktail and sit back and enjoy the view! Just remember to lift up the ladder to prevent children joining you and consider packing some water bombs just to make sure you keep them at bay. Throwing things at your children will make it even more fun!

2. Take a city walk

On a balmy warm night or a crisp cold one, drive to your nearest city and take a walk through it (preferably near water e.g. a river). In Melbourne, try the path along the south bank of the Yarra, starting near the Botanic gardens. The city looks gorgeous as it begins to light up for the night and the lights are reflected in the water. In Sydney, try the North shore, so that the lights of the CBD are across the water. On a chilly night, pack some air-activated hand warmers and pop them in your partner’s pockets while you walk (you get bonus points for this thoughtful gesture!). You can get them from a Chemist e.g. Priceline.

3. Share a wintery shore-side or mountain-top meal

There’s a certain romance to eating steaming hot take aways together in the warmth of your car while you watch the grey waves crashing at the beach, the wind blow the last Autumn leaves across a lake or the twinkle of city lights from a high vantage point. This idea can be as simple as getting take away on the way to a suitable parking spot with beach, lake or views on a cold day/night. Up the lux level by packing soft blankets and hot chocolate in a Thermos with marshmellows on the side. Just remember to put the hand brake on so that you don’t end up on the evening news!

4. DIY Ghost Tour

Visit the local cemetery during the day and note the location and names on the some of the tomb stones. Create stories around these and lead your partrner on a private ghost tour at night. Wear a cape, top hat and carry a lantern for extra impact. Put the Scream Halloween mask down. Now!

5. Star gaze

On a clear night, preferably a warmer one, drag some pillows, blankets and something to lie on into the backyard (a trampoline is a good option). Invite your partner to join you for some star gazing. Make wishes on shooting stars and try using Google Sky (or search for a ‘star gaze’ app on your smart phone or tablet) to learn which constellations you can see.

6. Blindfolded taste test

If you both love food and/or wine then setup a blind taste test at home. Blindfold your partner and have them taste a range of different foods or wines. You could offer different variations of the same food or wine e.g. different cheeses or different brands of their favourite wine type or different vintages of their favourite wine. Try unusual fruits or food from a particular culture or well known delicacies such as caviar, truffles and foie gras. Swap the blindfold and do the taste test yourself. Vote on your favourites.

7. Walk in the rain

Get an umbrella large enough for two, slip on waterproof shoes and enjoy a slow walk in the rain. Jump in puddles, save some worms and talk. To make it special, tie the umbrella and boots up with lots of ribbon and present them to your partner. Just avoid walking in a thunderstorm with a metal umbrella (see ‘Evening News’, above).
If you want to ramp it up a little then get wet and re-create the kiss-in-the-rain scene from The Notebook. Swoon!

8. Have a pillow fight

This one is easy. Throw your partner a pillow and challenge them to a pillow fight. You can either make the bed the fight zone or take over the whole house. It’s up to you whether you include kids or not – depends how you want it to end…

9. Volunteer together

Sign up to work together on a soup kitchen or at a nursing home or tree planting or work on an event together. Volunteering Australia has a great list of opportunities to select from. It will give you a shared experience to talk about on your next date night as well as helping those in need.

10. Make a blanket fort

Build a blanket fort using furniture, sheets, blankets, pegs, cushions, fairy lights (candles are not a good idea – fire risk!) and whatever else you have on hand. Setup a TV or games or just lie together and ask each other the 36 questions that lead to love ( or listen to the Sunscreen song). If you have kids then do this after they have gone to bed. Let them use it the next day. It’s not romantic to have to share your blanket fort with children.

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