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How to be romantic

Being romantic means someone feel that they are most important thing in your life – your highest priority. On this site you can explore a treasure trove of ideas such as romantic picnic ideas, romantic gifts for him and romantic gifts for her.

If it’s a special occasion then try our couple time ideas to find suitable romantic date ideas. Each idea includes specific information and, where appropriate, links to suppliers and websites so it’s quick and easy for you to do romantic things.

If you are looking for guidance on romance in general then try the Romance Blog. It includes practical advice on how to introduce more romance into your relationship, how to overcome common problems and what science is saying about romance.

Whilst this site is primarily for romantic or wanna-be-romantic couples in Australia, most of the ideas are appropriate for Western countries.

Explore the romantic ideas database, save your favourites and start injecting some romance back into your relationship. Once you start you’ll find it a lot of fun and easier and easier to develop a romantic mind set. Yes, it takes work, but a lot of the hard work has been done for you by compiling a huge database of romantic things to do for you to dip into.

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